attach 144×60


designer Troels Grum-Schwensen

The Attach table system offers almost limitless possibilities in terms of size, shape and design.

The 144″ x 60″ inch table is mounted on beams of extruded anodized recycled aluminium, with die-cast recycled texture powder coated legs. The top is available in Driftwood, White Oak, Walnut or alternatively a choice of standard laminate and Forbo LV1 and LV2.

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  • top
  • frame

Attach 3mm PVC Top

Attach Metal Deco Edge

Attach Metal Edge

Attach PVC Laminate Knife Edge

CCN Tech Grain

Forbo LV1

Forbo LV2

Forbo LV2 Marmoleum Cocoa

Forbo LV2 Marmoleum Concrete

Forbo LV2 Marmoleum Piano

Forbo LV2 Marmoleum Walton Uni and Cirrus

Forbo LV2 Marbled Fresco

Forbo LV2 Marbled Real

Forbo LV2 Marbled Vivace